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Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular and affordable treatment available to improve your smile aesthetics.

Yellow and discoloured teeth will age any face and whitening treatment can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth and restore  not only your confidence to smile but can rejuvenate the face.

We offer a safe, professional, home whitening treatment which provides long lasting effects.

From our experience over the years we have learned that the very popular “laser whitening” (in surgery whitening) can work well in some scenarios.  However in most cases home whitening effects are safer, longer lasting far superior and associated with no or just a minimal sensitivity which can be readily managed.

A full dental examination will be required for any new patient looking to get the whitening treatment to assess suitability.

For existing patients who had a check-up within their last six months there is no extra cost associated with the consultation.

Additional hygiene appointment might be required prior to starting the whitening course of treatment to remove and stains and deposits from the teeth and gums.

To download the Patient Information Pack click here.

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