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Jersey Smile Centre - Dental Fee Guide 2023

Exams & Radiographs

New Patient exam, Adult:   £49
Regular exam Adult:            £38
New patient 6 to 17 exam:  £35
Regular exam 6 to 17:         £25
Kids exams up to 5 years old are free if seeing at the same time as an Adult. Otherwise:   £15
Bitewings x-rays:                £38
Periapical x-ray:                 £20
OPG:                                   £70 

Endodontics (root canal treatment)

Anterior teeth from:    £375
Pre molars from:         £445
Molars from :               £625



One surface composite from:     £95/£120
Two surfaces composite from:   £135
Three or more surfaces composite from: £155
Inlays/Onlays from:             £595
Crowns from:                      £695
Bridges from:                      £650 per Unit
Teeth Whitening:                £325


* Excluding Radiographs

** Excluding restoration, radiograph, temporisation

Hygiene Related Services

The length and the type of the appointment required  depends an your individual needs and your periodontal diagnosis 

Emergency Treatment

* Call out fee

** Treatment not included

*** First stage only

Removable Dentures


We accept payment by cash, cheque  and most debit and credit cards.

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